A St Kilda social enterprise cafe can now better support more local young people thanks to trade waste support from South East Water. 

Olive’s Lane, located in St Kilda Police and Citizens Youth Club (PCYC), empowers young people experiencing disadvantage through workplace training, with proceeds helping to fund youth outreach programs.

St Kilda PCYC can now extend its hospitality training for young people in the local community, thanks to expert advice and assistance from South East Water’s Trade Waste Team and a $8,600 grant from South East Water’s Community Grants program to install a grease trap in the cafe’s kitchen.  

St Kilda PCYC Olive’s Lane Manager, Donny Pelsoczy wanted to build upon its barista skill offering to young people, extending it to include food-handling and service.  
“By expanding our food-service training, we discovered we needed to install a ‘grease trap’ to manage our food waste. 
“The Trade Waste team at South East Water helped us understand the requirements for a grease trap and ongoing trade waste management,” said Donny. 
South East Water Manager Trade Waste Support Services, Kate Tanner said it was important for businesses to understand how their trade waste should be managed.

“Food and oil interceptors, or ‘grease traps’ are important for food businesses like Olive’s Lane because food, fat, oil and grease can solidify and create blockages in internal waste pipes and in our sewer network”.
South East Water Manager Trade Waste Support Services, Kate Tanner

“We’re proud to have supported Olive’s Lane through the trade waste process to not only help them continue their valuable workplace training for young people but also protect our assets and environment at the same time,” said Ms Tanner. 
For more community grants success stories visit www.southeastwater.com.au/communitygrants 
If you’d like to know more about trade waste obligations as a business visit southeastwater.com.au/business/trade-waste.
Alternatively, phone 9552 3662 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) or email tradewaste@sew.com.au.

Image above: South East Water Trade Waste Technical Support Officer, Jim Papalois inspects the newly installed food and oil interceptor at St Kilda PCYC's Olive's Lane Cafe.

Top image L-R:  
Jim Papalois – Trade Waste Technical Support Officer, South East Water
Donny Pelsoczy – Manager, St Kilda PCYC Olive’s Lane 
Layla Gordon – Supervisor, Olive’s Lane 
Kate Tanner –  Manager Trade Waste Support Services, South East Water 

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