Locate water and sewer assets

Doing works on your property? Need to know the location of sewerage pipes?  Renovating or extending? Landscaping? Apply before you commence work.

You need to know the location, size, depth and offset so you don’t damage South East Water’s water supply or the sewer and recycled water assets. There are some particular structures and buildings which require approval from us.

By downloading asset information and applying for a property sewerage plan, we can help you maximise the use of your land while adhering to best practice procedures.

What you need to do

Locate the water, sewerage and recycled water assets

Apply through Property Connect to locate the water, sewerage and recycled water assets and for detailed information on the size, depth and offset of sewerage assets.

Request a property sewerage plan​

Apply through Property Connect to find general information on the location of the sewer internal plumbing assets.

Lodge an application with 'Dial Before You Dig' on 1100

Dial Before You Dig is a referral service for information on locating underground utilities anywhere in Australia. Visit their website or phone 1100 during office hours.

Obtain approval to build over easements or within 1 metre of a South East Water pipe

If you intend to build over an easement or within 1.0 metre of a water supply, sewerage or recycled water asset, you are required to obtain South East Water’s approval.

You can lodge your Bulidover request through Property Connect.​