What is the Supplier Portal?

The Supplier Portal allows current and prospective suppliers to access, communicate and interact with South East Water on procurement transactions. You'll have real time access to information such as purchase orders, progress payment claims, invoices, contracts and be able to respond to Request for Quotes, Request for Tenders, Expression of Interest and Request for Proposals

What does the new portal mean if i'm an existing supplier?

Our existing suppliers will be automatically registered to use the portal.

If you've nominated your supplier portal administrator, they would've been set up to access the supplier portal. If you haven't nominated your supplier portal administrator, (who must be a named person), please email the details below to, supplier.support@sew.com.au, and we’ll organise to set up your supplier portal administrator:

  • company name (as per Australian Business Register)
  • ABN number
  • supplier portal administrator first name
  • supplier portal administrator last name
  • supplier portal administrator contact number
  • supplier portal administrator email address (this must be a person's email address, not a generic email).

What are the benefits of the supplier portal for suppliers?

1. The supplier portal allows you to conduct your transactions electronically for tasks such as:

  • receiving and responding to requests for quotes and tenders 
  • accepting purchase orders from us
  • sending purchase order confirmations, invoices, and other documents to us
  • managing and updating your own data, e.g. address, bank details, contact details, etc.

2. It provides fast transmission, tracking, and processing of all procurement transactions with us.

3. It automates aspects of the business relationship, improving business practices and reducing costs, specifically:

  • tracking order status, so you can track the status of purchase orders and claims in real-time, leading to increased confidence for both parties.
  • generating electronic invoices, which can be sent directly to us. You can also see the invoice statuses as we receive, approve, and pay them.
  • by automating how purchase orders are sent and received it eliminates unnecessary steps and manual processing of routine transactions, increases accuracy, and speeds up order fulfillment.
  • as a mobile-enabled application, you can perform transactions from anywhere.

What happens if i choose not to use the Supplier Portal?

Suppliers not registered to use the supplier portal won’t be able to respond to our Request for Quotes, Tenders, and other procurement opportunities.

Is there a fee to use the Supplier Portal?

The supplier portal is free to use.

How do I register for the Supplier Portal?

All our existing suppliers are already registered on the portal. If you're a prospective supplier, you can register here Prospective Supplier Registration

Do I need special hardware or software to use the Supplier Portal?

The supplier portal is a cloud-based solution, so all you'll need is a computer or smartphone with internet access and an up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge). You'll also need a valid business email address to receive notifications.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

Please contact the Strategic Procurement Team for all your questions: supplier.support@sew.com.au