Every five years, Melbourne’s water utilities present a plan for their services and prices to independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission.

Every piece of feedback will help us shape our plan.

We’re listening

So far, we’ve heard from over 80 customers about their experiences and expectations of us in the future at our series of online public workshops. We gathered some great feedback and in the coming days we’ll share some of the key themes.

Upcoming opportunities to have your say

We will continue to reach out to customers and ask for feedback. Here’s a brief overview of what’s coming next:

February to June 2021

Exploring our customers experiences and what they value – We’re here! 

We’ll have more detail on this in the coming weeks.

July to September 2021

Understanding what customers want to pay for.

October to November 2021

Prioritising what’s important to customers, how we should be measured on achieving these priorities and reporting back to our customers.

December 2021 to January 2022

Finalising our submission and sharing with our customers.

How your feedback will help shape our plan

We are living in rapidly changing times and it’s incredibly important that we understand what our customers expect from us. This conversation will be led by our customers and we’ll create opportunities to hear whatever they want to tell us. Our engagement program is designed to respond to what customers want, rather than pre-defining questions and topics we want input on.

We promise to:

  • Make it easy for customers to have their say
  • Build on what customers have already told us
  • Provide customers with the information they need to make decisions
  • Let customers lead the discussion
  • Record all inputs and feedback
  • Share what we hear with customers
  • Ensure our price submission reflects what the community wants as much as possible
  • Be clear about where community recommendations have influenced our price submission
  • Be clear where we can’t incorporate a recommendation and explain why
  • Update customers throughout the process.
What happened last time - our 2018-23 Price Submission 

Across 14 months, in person and online, our customers told us a consistent story about what they expect from us and what they value. Their feedback and ideas shaped our plan (endorsed by the Essential Services Commission) and our commitment to five key customer outcomes. Read more and see how we’re tracking here.