This document should be read in conjunction with the website, application form and any other documentation produced for the South East Water Community Grants program. This document sets out the additional terms and conditions that apply to all applicants that may apply for funding under the Community Grants program.

Grants administration

South East Water has partnered with Good2Give (ABN 32 089 603 314) to administer our South East Water Community grants program. You may hear from Good2Give during the grant round to acquire additional information about your organisation. Grant funds for successful applications will be distributed by Good2Give. 

Confidentiality and privacy

South East Water will not disclose the confidential information of applicants without prior written consent, except in limited circumstances such as to the extent required by law or as is necessary to conduct the application process.

Applicants must specify if they view any content in their application as confidential. This will help South East Water consider whether to treat that information as confidential. South East Water reserves the right to discretion when considering an applicant’s claim that information is confidential.

Any personal information which South East Water collects as part of the application process will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and South East Water’s Privacy Charter.

South East Water is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and if a Freedom of Information request is made, South East Water will consult with the applicant before any decision is made to release the application or supporting documentation.

Termination or alteration of application process

South East Water may terminate the application process or the Program, alter the application process or the scope of the Program or extend the closing time of the Program in its absolute discretion.

South East Water does not bind itself, and each applicant agrees that South East Water is not bound to accept any application for funding under the Program.

For the avoidance of doubt, references to the 'application process' in the Guidelines and this document means the process for seeking and assessing applications as described in the Guidelines and this document, and includes selecting each successful applicant and concludes upon the execution of a Funding Agreement by each successful applicant.

No legal relationship

No contract (including any process contract) for the provision of funding is formed between South East Water and any person by reason of the Guidelines, this document, an application for funding or any part of the application process.

Funding Agreement and implementation of Project

Projects must be completed within the calendar year approved and awarded. 

Successful applicants will be required to provide South East Water with information about the progress of the Project and a completion report which includes a breakdown of project costs and how the grant was used and photos of how the grant was used.

Projects must acknowledge the support of South East Water and the Program in all Project communications, which must be approved by South East Water prior to public release.

Successful applicants must provide Project information to South East Water for program evaluation purposes and case studies that may be used by South East Water in future communications.


South East Water is not liable for any costs, expenses, losses, claims or damages that may be incurred by applicants in connection with the application process, use of grant funds or participation in the Program, including in preparing or submitting an application form, providing further information to South East Water or persons engaged by South East Water, or participating in discussion or negotiations (if any) with South East Water.

Change in circumstance

The applicant must inform South East Water promptly in writing of any material change to any of the information contained in its application form (including attachments), and any material change in circumstances that may affect the truth, completeness or accuracy of any of the information provided in, or in connection with such documentation.


Your organisation is responsible for maintaining any insurance cover it requires. 

Project cancellation or change 

A successful applicant must ensure that the grant is expended only as detailed in its application. Your organisation must give South East Water notice immediately if your project is cancelled or changed and seek to resolve the issue in good faith. 

Repayment of grant to South East Water

South East Water has the right, in its absolute discretion, to ask your organisation to repay some, or all, of your grant to South East Water if your organisation: 

  • does not follow your obligations identified in this document or any other terms and conditions which are detailed on the website or in the application process; 

  • changes or cancels the project without receiving South East Water’s written agreement to do so; or 

  • your organisation, or any individuals in your organisation, in South East Water’s opinion, act in a way which brings, or could bring, South East Water’s reputation into disrepute.  


  • Only one (1) submission per organisation is permitted per funding round. Any subsequent applications will be deemed invalid.  

  • Incomplete, inaccurate, erroneous, ineligible or incomprehensible applications will be deemed invalid. Applications received will be considered final and South East Water accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected applications. 

  • All projects, works or events funded must be completed within the calendar year approved and awarded. Groups unable to do this need to contact the grants manager at and explain the circumstances and request an extension. All requests for an extension will be considered.

  • Successful candidates must provide to South East Water a completion report which includes a breakdown of project costs and how the grant was used and photos of how the grant was used for future promotion of the grants program. 

Community Grant requests

Any enquiries can be sent to