Prices and charges

Prices for water and sewerage services have been reduced for 2018-19, delivering an annual bill reduction of $55 on the average customer’s bill.*

These reduced prices are one component of our five year price plan to help deliver lower cost services that are fair and affordable for all.

*An average bill is based on three people in an owner-occupier home using 150kL per year

Prices in 2018-19


Residential charges 2018-19 2017-18
Water Service Charge per annum
per quarter
Water Usage
Tier 1 for the first 440 litres of water used per day $2.4441 per kilolitre $2.6651
Tier 2 for water usage above 440 litres per day $3.1183 per kilolitre $3.2366
Tier 3 for water usage above 880 litres per day N/A $3.8615
Sewerage Service Charge per annum
per quarter
Sewage Disposal Charge   $0.9580 per kilolitre $1.8803
Class A Recycled Water Service Charge per annum
per quarter
​N/A $24.04
​Class A Recycled Water Usage Charge   ​$1.9553 per kilolitre ​$2.3169

Our charges and what your bill pays for

Most of what we do you’ll never see, much like the plumbing in your home. Here’s how we use the money you pay on your bill to provide reliable water and sewerage supplies for every customer.


what your bill pays for breakdown

For help understanding your bill, explore our interactive bill explainer

Water usage

This charge covers the amount of water used at your property, which is recorded by your water meter. We bill this per kilolitre (kl) of water used.

Service charges

Your water and sewerage service charges allow us to maintain, upgrade and expand our water and sewerage networks so we can continue to provide you with high quality drinking water and safe sewerage removal, now and into the future.

Sewage disposal

Your sewage is safely collected and removed, before it is treated for reuse or disposal. Sewage is wastewater from areas of your property like the toilet, kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Recycled water usage

If your property is supplied with recycled water, your purple meter records the volume of recycled water used. This is billed per kilolitre (kl) used.

Backlog sewerage

The Backlog Sewerage Program enables us to connect properties to the sewerage system and remove them from septic tanks, helping reduce environmental impacts and risks to public health.

Interest charged on unpaid amounts

Amounts not paid in full may accrue interest from the bill’s due date at the current interest rate. The interest rate up to 30 June 2019 is 5% per annum. Exemptions may apply to customers making payments in line with an agreed payment plan or with an eligible concession card.

Other authorities’ charges

Charges we collect on behalf of others

Parks charge

The parks charge is part of what makes our city a great place to live. All property owners contribute towards helping Parks Victoria to look after the zoos, gardens, parks and trails we all enjoy. It is an annual charge that will appear on your July, August or September bill. In 2018, the minimum charge is $77.10.

South East Water collects this charge on behalf of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Learn more here or visit the Parks Victoria website for further information.

Waterways and drainage charge

The waterways and drainage charge helps protect and improve the health of our waterways. It also protects us from floods. South East Water collects this charge on behalf of Melbourne Water. In 2018–19, the minimum quarterly charge for most residents is $25.18.

For more information, visit Melbourne Water’s website or contact them on 131 722.