Affordable and sustainable living – South East Water opens own home at Aquarevo

22 August 2019

South East Water, Villawood Properties and Arden Homes today celebrated the launch of South East Water’s Aquarevo House with Minister for Water, Lisa Neville at the Aquarevo development in Lyndhurst.

The house marks a major milestone for the Aquarevo development, where all 460 homes will be plumbed with three sources of water; drinking, recycled and rainwater.

South East Water is integrating these fit-for-purpose water sources into the homes through innovative water saving initiatives, which will reduce the community’s reliance on drinking water by up to 70 per cent.

The homes will also feature a rooftop solar system, and many homes will receive Sonnen batteries, which together can provide up to 80 per cent of a household’s annual energy usage.

Residents in the estate will not only benefit from living in a sustainable community, but will also enjoy big savings on their water and energy bills.

Arden Homes has designed and built the 8-star rated house using sustainable and recycled materials.

The house demonstrates that sustainable, energy efficient homes can also be affordable, with a retail price point up to $70,000 less than the average new home build.

South East Water has partnered with Villawood Properties in a unique partnership development to deliver Aquarevo, Australia’s most water and energy efficient residential estate.

Aquarevo’s first residents are already moving in, and living with water-saving technologies, including Tank Talk®, OneBox+® and a rain-to-hot water system.

South East Water’s Aquarevo House showcases the water and sustainability features that make Aquarevo so special.

The organisation will use the house for research, development and education purposes, as the team develops and tests new applications for some of the water saving initiatives within the estate.

Through continually demonstrating the benefits of the Aquarevo model and working with high calibre builders, Villawood hopes to bring positive change by bringing sustainable housing into the mainstream.

The Aquarevo journey so far has proven that not only is there a better way for homes to use water, but that sustainable houses can be both affordable and attainable for people looking to build a new home.

Quotes attributable to South East Water’s Managing Director, Terri Benson

“Aquarevo has been an exciting journey and a great learning experience for our organisation, and we’re thrilled to reach a new milestone with the launch of our Aquarevo House.

“Aquarevo brings to life a new way of providing water solutions to our customers, and by working with developers and builders we’ve been able to extend the benefits beyond water and create a great place to live.  This is truly an example of integrated water planning helping create a better world for our customers. 

“We look forward to sharing our knowledge with others, and researching how we can take these initiatives to the next level and apply them in new ways.”

Quotes attributable to Villawood Properties’ Executive Director, Rory Costelloe

“It is incredibly rewarding to see Aquarevo’s potential as Australia’s most water and energy efficient residential community come closer to fruition with the completion of Aquarevo House and we’re proud to share this day with our joint venture partner, South East Water, as well as one of our very important builder partners, Arden Homes.

“Aquarevo House demonstrates that a better, smarter, more environmentally sustainable housing is both achievable and commercially feasible for developers and builders, while also offering an enticing consumer proposition, making positive change that much accessible.”

Quotes attributable to Arden Homes’ Managing Director, Dean Morrison

“The Aquarevo House is a partnership that we are extremely proud of at Arden homes.

We have prided ourselves on being on the forefront with sustainability, energy efficiency and innovation - and the Aquarevo project is the perfect example of this.

With this joint venture we are not only paving the way for a more environmentally friendly homes, we are demonstrating that an 8-star home is cost effective and achievable for Victorian families.

With the water saving and energy usage reductions, these will become the homes of the future.”