Recycled water – a sustainable choice

Where possible, we encourage the use of recycled water for non-drinking purposes. It's one way we're helping use alternative water sources and reduce reliance on our drinking water supplies. From expanding our network of recycled water pipes, to treating wastewater to produce high quality recycled water - we're making this sustainable water supply available to a growing number of customers.

Customers in mandated regions across Cranbourne, Clyde, Lyndhurst, Pakenham and Officer have recycled water supplied to their toilets and outdoor taps through distinctive purple pipes and a separate water meter. From 1 January 2015, Class A recycled water can also be used for residential laundry washing machines.

A number of large business including turf growers, nurseries, market gardens, irrigators and wineries near our water recycling plants on the Mornington Peninsula also use recycled water.

Learn more about the use of recycled water in the home and other updates in our Purple Press newsletters.