Sewer works in Officer from January 2020

You might not notice a lot of the work we do because most of it is beneath your feet. Every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes and pumps that keep water flowing. With sewer installation works in the Officer township, you might see us or our contractor Fulton Hogan Delplant Beca Joint Venture (FHDB) around.

Here’s what to expect while we get the job done.

What we're doing

This project is to install new sewer pipes, expanding our sewerage network and to stop the use of existing onsite septic tanks. It will also cater for future growth in the area.

We’re working with Fulton Hogan Delplant Beca Joint Venture to help us.

When it's happening

Works commenced in January 2020 and will continue until  early December 2020 (weather permitting).

You can expect us to work Monday to Friday between 7 am and
6 pm. On the odd occasion, we might need to work at other times for safety or technical reasons.

What might impact you

We’ll do our best to keep impacts to a minimum, however these are the kinds of things you might notice while we work:

  • More trucks on the streets around you.
  • Less car parks on some streets .
  • Noise from machinery, like beepers when trucks reverse.
  • A change in normal traffic flow at Tivendale Road, Princes Highway, Bayview Road, Station Street and Officer Road South.
  • You'll notice that our traffic management team are around too, to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely.

Want to know more? Watch our video 'What you might hear and see' below.

Don't miss these details

FHDB will have a temporary site compound on Bayview Road for the duration of the works.

We’ll install a gravity connection point for qualifying properties, approximately one metre inside the property boundary. Our contractor will be in contact with owners to confirm its location prior to its installation. Properties over 0.4 hectares and vacant blocks don’t qualify for connection.

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll make sure we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

DO NOT connect to the sewer until you are notified that connections are available.

We’ll hold an information session prior to property connections becoming available, to discuss the connection process and costs.

Refer to 'Know your costs and saving' below for information on costs.

During the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have changed our engagement practice to ensure our crews can maintain physical distancing. Our COVID-19 Update can be found below.

Where we will be working

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Location of sewer pipes to be upgraded

What you might hear and see

Frequently Asked Questions

We're connecting the township of Officer to the sewerage network to improve community public health and protect our environment. It will also cater for future growth in the area. We'll work closely with you while we get the job done and keep you informed.

There is evidence that waste from failing household septic tanks pollutes groundwater and the environment. To remove this risk for the community, we are connecting the township of Officer to the sewerage network to stop the use of existing onsite septic tanks. Through this project, we aim to improve public health and protect the environment. The installation of pipes will also support future growth in the area.

The Officer Sewerage Scheme will provide infrastructure to the township of Officer to connect approximately 120 properties to the sewerage network. This includes installing approximately three kilometres of sewer pipeline and a connection point for each property, which will be located approximately one metre inside the property boundary.

The new pipes will be installed either in front or behind your property and we'll try to position the connection point in the best place for your property. The map on this page shows the alignment of the new sewer pipes being installed around Officer.


Works will commence in January 2020 and are anticipated to be completed by late 2020 (weather permitting).

The majority of works are scheduled to take place during normal working hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 3pm Saturday (weather permitting). Occasionally it may be necessary to undertake works outside these hours for safety or technical reasons.

During works local residents may notice:

  • Construction crews during working hours
  • Increased truck movements on local roads
  • Traffic impacts around the work area and reduced speed limits
  • Noise when heavy machinery is being used, including reversing beepers
  • Restrictions to driveway access during construction hours. Affected properties will be contacted prior to restrictions commencing.

Pedestrian access to properties will not be affected during works.

When required traffic management will safely guide drivers and pedestrians around the work area.

There will be no long-term visual impacts from the new sewerage pipelines as they are located underground. Once we've finished construction we'll leave things how we found them - and make sure we return any areas we've impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

Sewer pipes will be installed using a mixture of open trenching and horizontal directional drilling, predominately along the side of the road or behind property fences.

There are no planned disruptions to water services in the area as a result of these works.

Approximately 120 properties in Officer will be included as part of the sewerage scheme. Several factors such as location, the size of the property (smaller than 0.4 hectares) and the volume of waste water generated onsite determine inclusion into the scheme. A map identifying properties eligible to connect can be found in the documents section.

No. You may choose NOT to connect to the sewerage scheme. We do not force property owners to connect. However, existing septic tanks will no longer be replaced and Council may place restrictions on property owners who cannot effectively manage their waste water onsite.

The costs to connect to the sewerage program will depend upon the distance between your house and the gravity connection point situated approximately one metre inside the property boundary. This distance will vary for each property and therefore so will the cost. A summary of the costs is provided below in 'Know your costs and savings'.


There are environmental and health benefits to individual properties and the community as a whole when all properties are connected to the scheme. You will also avoid ongoing costs of maintaining your onsite waste water (septic) system. Connection may also have benefits in relation to eliminating damp areas or odour on or near your property.

We will notify you in advance and provide you with all the information you need to assist your connection. You will receive further information from us when connections are available.


Yes but the connection costs will be significantly higher. If you are considering connecting and you are not part of the scheme, please contact South East Water on (03) 9552 3770 for more information.

Connections to the sewer are anticipated to start by early 2021. Once construction is complete and the sewer main is ready to take connections, we will invite property owners to connect.

Please DO NOT connect to sewer before South East Water notifies you that sewer connections are available. Until that time, pipe work may be incomplete and any wastewater from your property will sit in the pipes. If you connect your property to sewer before it is ready, you will be liable for a substantial fine and responsible for the costs of having the wastewater pumped from the sewer pipe.

We'll install a gravity connection point approximately one metre inside your property boundary. South East Water will contact you in advance of installing the gravity connection point to determine the best possible location and to arrange access.

No. The installation of the gravity connection point is included in the Backlog Sewerage Tariff fee ($2,500), which is payable regardless of  whether you choose to connect.

Once the main sewer system in your area is installed and available for connection you will be sent a letter to inform you that your property is ready to connect. This letter will outline the process for connecting your house to the connection point and detail connection options via your licensed plumber or a South East Water plumber. The connection works undertaken by the connecting plumber must also include the decommissioning of your septic tank.

Once connected to the sewerage system, your septic tank must be decommissioned (by the connecting plumber). This will involve having the waste within the septic tank pumped out and a hole punched in the concrete bottom to aid draining of any ground water that may ingress and if the top is protruding from the ground it must be collapsed, before filling it in.

Yes. To provide more information on costs and the connection process, we'll hold a community drop-in session once construction is nearing completion. We'll let you know in advance where and when.


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