We’re currently exploring how meter technologies can help you as our customer, and us as your water provider, to better manage our precious water supplies.

We believe digital and emerging technologies have a critical role to play in enabling us to provide the highest quality water and sewerage services, as efficiently as possible.

This is why we’re undertaking our digital utility program and investigating the use of technologies in our services to better connect our network and assets, and to provide real-time information to transform our business and services for customers.

In Frankston East, we’ve been trialling new digital meter technology since October 2016. We’re currently testing the full end-to-end capabilities of meter technology that can record and send information wirelessly through a telecommunications network daily.

In future, these new meters could provide better and even more reliable services, enabling customers to receive information about:

  • your water usage and how much water you’re using in near real-time
  • potential leak alerts, so you can fix the leak quickly, saving you water and saving on your bill.

By providing us with timely water use data, our trials of digital water meter technology in Frankston East have already had some success. They provided us with information about leaks in our water network so we can repair them before causing major disruption and so we can reduce water loss. They also helped us to identify an 80 litre per hour leak at a customer’s property, which would have added up to an extra $700 on their quarterly bill if they hadn’t been made aware of and repaired the leak. In future alerts like these could be automated instead of manual, so you’re informed as soon as possible.

In recent years we’ve conducted a number of trials with customers, including in Belgrave South and Seaford. These showed significant water savings can be achieved through detecting and fixing leaks. In Seaford, close to 10 per cent of the water supplied to properties was lost in unidentified leaks.

We’re also connecting our assets, pipes and pumps with sensors, meters and alarms to provide real-time information about what’s happening across our network, enabling us to operate our assets more efficiently.

Joint program

We are working together with City West Water and Yarra Valley Water to explore whether upgrading Melbourne’s existing meter fleet to digital water meters will provide value to customers, the community and our utilities.