Welcome to the neighbourhood

As one of our customers you rely on us, and we take this responsibility seriously. Of course we have targets to meet around reliability, health and the environment, but we want to do more than just meet targets.

Here’s what else you can expect from us

  • to think outside the box and find smarter solutions to keep our services innovative and cost-effective
  • to work around the clock, with our crews on call 24/7, to deliver great water and sewerage services to you
  • to be friendly, helpful and responsive when you deal with us
  • to listen to you when it comes to making decisions that impact you
  • to help you be water wise and make the most of every drop
  • to plan for the future so our equipment, pipes and pumps continue to do their job effectively for generations to come.

Customer charter

We have helpful information on hand for our customers when they move into our area which includes our full customer charter (pdf, 800Kb) and privacy charter (pdf, 104Kb).