Buying or selling

Are you about to buy or sell a property? Here are some of the things you will need to know and do.

Letting us know

As part of the sale process we need to be sent notices of acquisition and disposition which let us know the property has changed hands. We use the information in them to open and close accounts for the buyer and seller.

In most cases this should be taken care of by your solicitor or conveyancer, you shouldn't have to do a thing.

Property information

Obtain an information statement

You can get an information statement before you sell or buy any property. These statements detail rates and charges as well as any interests (encumbrances) on the property that South East Water may have.

You can lodge a request at any time of the day using our automated online processing system and you will receive a prompt electronic response.

Apply online here

Property sewerage plan

If you want information about the location of internal plumbing or sewer assets you can apply for a Property sewerage plan along with your Information statement.

Apply online here or phone us on 9552 3770 for general information about property service plans.

Outstanding charges

If there are any unpaid amounts owed by the vendor to South East Water, these amounts are a charge on the property, and if that charge is not discharged by the vendor prior to or at settlement, the purchaser will become liable to pay the amount of the charge to South East Water at the time of settlement.

The right to place a charge over a property belonging to another person until a debt is paid is called ‘lien’.

Lien charges apply to:

  • water usage charge
  • sewage disposal charge
  • trade waste charge
  • sewerage and water service charges
  • fire service water usage