Prevent damage to pipes

Protect your pipes (and pumps)

You may not realise it, but what you flush down your toilet and rinse down your sink can have a big impact on your home's pipes and our sewerage network. For customers with a pressure sewer system, this impact can sometimes be felt very quickly.

Solid items cause slimy, thick blockages, harm the environment and the health of sewer workers and can mean you're faced with repair costs for your damaged pipes and pressure sewer pumps. In fact, we're seeing an increase in blocked pressure sewer pumps caused by 'flushable' wipes.

Leave these out of your toilet and sink

Prevent blocked pipes and damage to the sewer and pressure sewer systems by leaving these items out: 

Wipes, including the 'flushable' ones
Cooking oil
Cotton buds
Razor blades
Tampons and other sanitary items
Pesticides and chemicals
Food scraps

Prevent tree-root damage to pipes

Did you know that tree roots are responsible for a large proportion of Melbourne's sewer and drain blockages? Not only that, they can also damage buildings, footpaths, fences and pipes.

Avoid damage to your home's pipes by taking care when selecting trees and deciding where to plant them. Check out this handy fact sheet for information (pdf, 4.3Mb) on which tree varieties need to be planted a safe distance from your pipes. ​