Community sponsorship

At South East Water we understand the role water plays in the health and liveability of our community and the environment.

That’s why we support many community organisations and events across Melbourne’s south-east each year through some of our services and programs, like our hydration stations.

Hydration stations

To help support our community and promote tap water over bottled, we have two stations available to be used at local community events.

If you’re holding a not-for-profit event within our service area, we may be able to provide water for your patrons. If you’re not sure if your event is in our area use the Victorian Water Corporation Locator Tool.

Do we need to pay to use the Hydration Station?

We'll consider sponsoring all not-for-profit events, however these will be limited.

Community events that don't meet our criteria for sponsorships or sponsorship isn't available will be charged a hire fee of $710 including GST.

Note: No sponsorship of the hydration station will be available from June through to August.

Book a Hydration Station

  1. Check our calendar to see if a hydration station is available for your event date.
  2. Review the criteria to make sure your event is eligible.
  3. Complete the online booking form below.



Get in touch

For more information on our hydration stations, contact our Community Engagement team on 9552 3873 or email

Sponsorship and merchandise requests

Unfortunately we’re currently not looking for new sponsorship opportunities. We’re looking at how we can improve our community sponsorship program and hope to update you soon.

We don’t generally supply water bottles or other items as giveaways for community events. As an organisation we want to be as sustainable as possible and this does mean producing not a lot of merchandise.

For any questions, contact us on