Stolen water meters in Dandenong South




Illegal removal of our larger water meters is an ongoing issue for us at South East Water.

Thieves often target them due to their scrap metal value. This also includes any metals that are associated with plumbing fittings.

We’ve previously worked with the police and the scrap metal industry to track our stolen meters using serial numbers. We’ve recovered devices and also successfully prosecuted as a result.

We can confirm that thieves stole 17 of our large water meters from the Dandenong South industrial area last weekend.

When incidents like this happen, it costs us and our customers a lot of time and money.

Replacing these particular meters in Dandenong is already costing us in excess of $8,000 in total. This doesn’t include administration and reinstatement works.

Our customers cover the costs of the reinstatement works. We usually supply their preferred licensed plumber or contractor with the replacement meter as soon as possible so we can get their water supply back on quickly.

Unfortunately this can also be an expensive job as there’s often been damage done to the customer’s pipes, backflow devices or even the property itself.

So far this financial year there’s been 40 thefts (including the 17) of similar larger industrial water meters. Two years ago there was a spate of 57 reported thefts of larger meters around the Dandenong and Cranbourne industrial areas.

If anyone has seen anything suspicious we encourage them to contact us on 13 28 12, and also to contact the police.