South East Water delivers lower prices and simpler charges for next five years


South East Water’s five-year pricing commitment promises lower prices and better value for its customers from 1 Jul.

South East Water developed its 2018–23 pricing framework, approved by the Essential Service Commission (ESC), after gathering feedback from customers on what they value most from their water provider.

Some of the benefits customers receive from the new pricing include:

  • A 50% reduction in sewage disposal charges
  • A 4% reduction across both water and sewerage service charges
  • Removal of the recycled water service charge for properties connected to purple pipes
  • Simplifying the water usage pricing, from three steps to two
  • Customers will also pay less per kilolitre of water used

As a result of these changes, residential customers can expect to save around $55* on the average annual bill.

“Our customers told us what they wanted, and now we’re delivering on that through reliable services and stable pricing for the next five years,” said South East Water’s Managing Director, Terri Benson.

“Bills will be easier to understand and fairer for everyone as the water usage charge is simplified from three steps to two and the recycled water service charge removed altogether.”

Customers who may need help paying their bill can access a number of tailored solutions to meet their individual needs. Some options include:

  • Help accessing financial assistance
  • Establishing a payment plan
  • Receiving more time to pay
  • Receiving a concession or a free audit of their plumbing

Customers can learn more about how South East Water can support them on 131 851 or

South East Water’s five-year pricing commitment, based on input from 5690 customers, outlines a number of initiatives designed to enhance reliability, provide better information to customers, maintain fairness and affordability, and protect the environment.

Projects include upgrading a third more water mains, and reducing the number of supply interruptions during peak periods, cutting carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2025, and providing customers with more flexible payment options.

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*Based on an owner-occupier with three occupants using 150kL per year