Our five-year customer commitment – how we're tracking


17 June 2019

In 2018 we made a five-year commitment to you based on what many of you told us you value the most. Since then, we’ve been working hard to deliver on our promise to:

  • get the basics right
  • warn and inform our customers
  • be fair and affordable for all
  • make our customers’ experience better
  • support our community and protect our environment.

Here’s an update on how we’re tracking:

Get the basics right, always

We’re on track to meet our targets to meet safe drinking water standards, water quality complaints and unplanned water interruptions.

We’ve had more sewer blockages than we’d like, but we’re addressing this by installing more Advanced BlokAid® sensors across our sewer network to help us find and fix blockages before they become a problem.

Warn me, inform me

Our customers want us to tell them about works that may impact them, so we’re using SMS, email and social media to keep customers informed about both planned and unplanned works that might affect them.

By taking steps to send more notifications, reduce the length of unplanned water outages and to make sure we’re getting the water back on when we say we will, we’re on track to meet all of our warn me, inform me commitments.

Fair and affordable for all

We’re on track with our goal to keep our customers’ debt down when they join our Customer Care program.

We’re also continuing to help more customers who need support to access grants and concessions. Over 1,300 of our customers successfully applied for a government utility grant this quarter.

Make my experience better

We’re receiving less customer complaints and more customers are giving us a high value for money rating, indicating that our customers are having a better experience with us each time they speak to us or see us out and about.

We’re on track to meet all of our make my experience better commitments.

Support my community, protect our environment

When our customers were affected by the bunyip bushfires we visited customer properties to refill rainwater ranks, provided bill support and referred customers to our community partner for specialised support.

We’re helping to protect our environment by expanding our recycled water network and reducing our carbon emissions, and we’re on track to meet our goal of keeping dry weather sewer spills to a minimum.

Find out more about the goals we've set and how we're tracking here.