Our biggest industrial pressure sewer installation ever




We’re celebrating a new milestone with the installation and commissioning of one of our largest pressure sewers installation to date. Living our value of ‘we’re bold’, we undertook this project with the courage to challenge ourselves and with the aim to excel.

We installed the pressure sewer at a greenfield industrial site in Dandenong South, which includes a truck wash, workshop, and large office facilities. We expect the truck wash on its own to generate around seven kilolitres of trade waste every day but our sewer system is built to handle it all and much more.

The system is made up of a primary vessel of 15 kilolitres, complete with a three phase duplex pump package, and an adjoining 10 kilolitres of emergency storage capacity, resulting in a total effective capacity of 25 kilolitres. The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) operates the system which enables constant monitoring and management by our Sewer Operations team.

Despite significant timeline and logistics challenges, the project was executed brilliantly by our pressure sewer team right from the planning and designing to installation. Working within the constraints of the property’s available space and considering the massive sewer storage requirements, our team developed the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solution for this industrial area. The business will now have a safe and reliable system, managed and maintained by us, to dispose of their waste water.

We put safety first, always looking out for the wellbeing of all our people, customers and community. Since this was the biggest pressure sewer installation, it came with its own risks onsite which needed to be proactively and reactively managed, so a lot of planning was required in advance.

Our Pressure Sewer Connections Manager, Chris Smolka said he was really proud of the team and contractors for their hard work and commitment in ensuring they implemented this project smoothly and efficiently.

“The project was run to a very tight deadline and on top of that, this installation was on a scale not regularly encountered.

“Our employees and contractors went above and beyond to ensure a safe and effective delivery of this system. This was a testament to their care and dedication to achieving a positive outcome for the customer”, said Chris.