Annual Report 2017–18 and Corporate Plan 2018–23 now available online



South East Water is pleased to present its Annual Report 2017–18 and Corporate Plan 2018–23.

The annual report provides an overview of South East Water’s performance, financials and key highlights, along with statements on its governance and management practices over the 2017–18 year.

“We’re proud of what we’ve achieved this year,” said South East Water’s Chair, Lucia Cade.

“We submitted our 2018 Price Submission, which was fast-tracked by the Essential Services Commission, allowing us to get a head-start on delivering what our customers told us they value most,” said Ms Cade.

The organisation also reinforced its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment by formalising its Emissions Reductions Pledge, continued working on integrated water management solutions for projects such as Aquarevo, and has worked more collaboratively with fellow metropolitan water corporations on sharing knowledge around topics such as safety.

During 2017–18, South East Water also established a broad vision for the organisation ‘to help create a better world for our customers with forward-thinking water solutions, for all and always, that won’t cost the earth.’

“We believe what we’ve achieved in the past year has put in place the building blocks for us to start to bring that vision to life,” added Ms Cade.

In looking forward, South East Water’s Corporate Plan 2018–23 was recently endorsed by the Victorian Government and is centred on the new vision.

The plan highlights how South East Water has restructured its business, tapping into the strength and depth of its existing workforce so it can better focus on its customers’ priorities while meeting future challenges and opportunities.

The plan has been shaped not only by the values that define South East Water but also by its customers.

To develop a new Five-year Customer Commitment, highlighted in the plan, South East Water worked extensively with its customers and stakeholders to hear their views on what they value most about its services. This exercise has seen the organisation embark on a journey to better understand its customers and increasingly align its activities around its purpose, vision and customer outcomes.

“We’ve sought to augment and improve the services we offer our customers to provide greater choice, convenience and affordability,” said South East Water’s Managing Director, Terri Benson.

“We’re now better placed than ever to deliver healthy water for life – not just today, but well into the future,” said Ms Benson.