A fresh approach: our Corporate Plan 2019–24  

3 September 2019


We’re pleased to share our government-endorsed Corporate Plan 2019–24 – our roadmap to creating a better world for our customers.

The plan sets out how we’ll deliver the promises we made to our customers in our Five-year Customer Commitment 2018–23 and deliver safe and reliable water in line with our vision to create a better world for our customers, for all and always, that won’t cost the earth.

Our Managing Director, Terri Benson said the plan would help keep customers and the issues that matter to them at the heart of the organisation’s decision making.

“As we look towards the future we need to find new ways to meet our customers’ expectations and address important issues like household affordability and climate change,” Terri said.

Our plan also sets out how we’ll meet the challenges of climate change without compromising the rich natural environment that contributes to the liveability of the suburbs in our service area, while supporting existing and future agricultural activities within Melbourne’s green wedges and semi-rural areas.

To do this, we’re embracing new and emerging technology to better manage our network and reduce our reliance on drinking water. We’re also investing in research and partnering with others in our industry to find new ways to manage water and secure its future sustainability.

“We’ve always supported an integrated approach to water management, where the right type of water is used for the right purpose,” Terri said.

“We’re challenging ourselves and working with others on how we use – and re-use – water. I’m excited by the possibilities of new technology and the prospect of providing more customers than ever with fit-for-purpose water so we can continue to support vibrant, liveable communities.”

Our plan explains our integrated approach to water, which includes using industry-first technology – including digital meters, blockage and leak sensors, and micro water treatment systems – to help us reduce our reliance on drinking water without compromising on liveability or affordability.

We’re also investing in our people to provide new opportunities for our employees to grow their careers and build a diverse and inclusive workplace.
As we look towards the future, we’re excited by the possibilities of a world where we can be smarter with our water and do more with less.

We’re looking forward to delivering the initiatives and actions in our Corporate Plan 2019–24 and invite you to follow our progress.