Tap water

What is drinking water?

Drinking water is defined as water intended primarily for human consumption, either directly, as supplied from the tap, or indirectly, in beverages, ice or foods prepared with water. Drinking water is also used for other domestic purposes such as bathing and showering.

“Drinking water” – sometimes called potable water – is water that is safe for humans to drink.

In Australia, most water sources require some form of treatment to make them safe to drink. At South East Water we buy our fresh drinking water from the government’s water wholesaler, Melbourne Water. Melbourne Water manage the water catchments (dams) and treat the water to a high standard, along with managing most of the sewage treatment plants.

The Safe Drinking Water Act 2003 came into effect on 1 July 2004, and is the first Act in Victoria to deal specifically with the regulation of drinking water supplies. The Drinking Water Regulatory Section is part of the Department of Human Services Victoria. More information can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website.