How to

Our education team have a variety of ways to help you expand your students’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of our valuable natural resource – water. Do you know how to read you water meter? Or how to check for a leak at your household? We show you step-by-step for both, and also provide an easy way to report a burst.

Types of water

Choosing the right water for the right use will help you to be water efficient and help to secure our water supplies into the future. We closely monitor our water from the time it leaves the protected catchments right up until the point when it reaches you.

Water regulation

Water sources

​We are a state-owned company with an independent board elected by our shareholder – the Victorian Government. We operate under a Victorian Government-issued licence. ​South East Water purchase water from our wholesaler, Melbourne Water, who is responsible for harvesting, storing, and treating water prior to its arrival in our system.

Learn about sewerage

Bushfires and your water supply

​Melbourne enjoys a world class sewerage system that is central to preserving the health of our community and environment. Parts of our service region are high risk fire danger areas. Here’s how to prepare for loss of water pressure or water supply in the event of a bushfire.