Upgrades underway


Find out more about upgrades underway in our area.

Water and sewer renewals program

South East Water manages a proactive infrastructure renewal program,
which monitors the condition of our water and sewerage networks and
undertakes upgrade works as needed.

Chelsea Security of Supply

We’re installing a new backup water source for 15,000 – 20,000 customers.

Clyde Creek Pump Station Upgrade

We’re upgrading the Clyde Creek Sewer Pump Station to ensure its ongoing reliability.

Clyde Trunk Water Main Renewal

We’re installing ~2.4 km of water pipeline in Clyde.

Cranbourne to Clyde Recycled Water Main

We're installing 3 km of recycled water main to reduce our reliance on valuable drinking water.

Cranbourne West Recycled Water Tank

We are installing a recycled water tank on Futures Road to facilitate nearby industries.

McPherson Sewerage Scheme Clyde

We’re installing a new sewer main and pump station to cater for current and future growth in the Clyde area.

New Street Sewer Diversion (Evelyn Street, Frankston)

We’re diverting the sewer from Fletcher Road in Frankston along Evelyn Street to O’Grady Reserve to facilitate construction works in the area.

Officer Sewerage Scheme

We’re extending the sewerage network in Officer to protect the environment and cater for future growth.

Ranelagh Beach Sewer Main Renewal

We’re renewing the sewer pipe at Ranelagh Beach to ensure its ongoing reliability.

Robert Street Bentleigh Water Main Renewal

We’re renewing the water main along Robert Street, Bentleigh.

Salmon Street Pump Station Port Melbourne - Investigative works

We are investigating the flow rates at the Salmon Street Pump Station in Port Melbourne.

Valetta Street Pump Station Upgrade

We’re refurbishing and upgrading aged infrastructure at our sewer pumping station in Valetta Street, Carrum.