The footprint solution

footprint is a complete water and energy monitoring solution designed to help your business minimise and control water and energy consumption. footprint can monitor all utility services – water, waste, gas and electricity on the same web-based platform to give you a holistic picture of your environmental footprint.

What can footprint monitor?

  • Electricity and gas consumption
  • Potable water consumption
  • Energy production
  • Trade waste parameters and discharge
  • Bore water and recycled water consumption
  • Petrol, Diesel and LPG consumption
  • And much more!

How does it work?

Data loggers installed on metered assets feed information into a central secure server using existing communications networks. Customers can access this up to date information from anywhere at any time via a PC, smartphone or tablet. With real time monitoring and reporting, footprint can instantly identify unaccounted water and energy usage that may be a result of leaks or unnecessary operating.

Some of the benefits?

Instantly detects surges, leaks and irregularities
Reliable alarm triggers with SMS and email notifications
Customised real time reporting and communications
One secure central system to store all your data.

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