Target 155

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency campaign that encourages all of us in Melbourne to keep water use to 155 litres of water a day. Find out how much households tend to use.

As Melburnians we’re great water savers, using 22 per cent less water than we did 10 years ago. But Victoria’s population is predicted to reach 10 million by 2051, and climate change is affecting our weather patterns.

So we need to keep on saving and make every drop count.

Right now, all it takes to help Melbourne reach Target 155 is to each save one bucket of water a day.

Here’s our 10 top tips to help you save your bucket load… the shower

Did you know that every minute in the shower uses one bucket of water?

1. Shave your shower time by just 60 seconds (saving seven buckets of water a week)

2. Play your favourite four-minute song – and hop-out when it’s finished

3. Use a four-minute shower timer

4. Swap your shower head for one that’s water efficient (if you haven’t already)

5. Teach your kids, or grandkids, to take shorter showers too. Using water efficiently is the ‘new normal’ for generations to come. the garden

Using common sense with water outside will help keep your buckets full.

6. Water using a hose with a trigger nozzle. Did you know this is one of Melbourne’s Permanent Water Use Rules?

7. Hold off watering if its forecast to rain

8. Water before 10 am or after 6 pm, to keep moisture in the soil

9. Consider watering plants and lawn only every second or third day

10. Mulch your garden to keep moisture in the soil.

Don't forget

There are five Permanent Water Use Rules in place across Melbourne.

Thanks for helping Melbourne make every drop count.

Is your household meeting Target 155?

Number of people in household one person two people one person one person one person
Maximum average household water usage if meeting 155 litres 155 310 465 620 775

Is Melbourne meeting Target 155?

Melbourne's daily average water use per person last week