Water wise tips to make every drop count

​Many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. The means we're possibly using more water than usual too.

Try these water wise tips to help make every drop count​:

- shave a minute off your shower

- use the half flush on your toilet, when you can

- turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

- run the washing machine and dishwasher only when they're full

- use the eco setting on your appliances



    What's Target 155?

    All Melburnians are encouraged to keep their water use to 155 litres of water per person, per day. That’s what Target 155 is all about – using water efficiently. 

    As Melburnians we’re great water savers, using 22 per cent less water than we did 10 years ago. But Victoria’s hotter and drier climate as well as a population that’s predicted to reach 10 million by 2051, means we all need to keep saving water and make every drop count.

    At South East Water, we’re always planning new ways to help reduce drinking water use. This includes expanding our supply of recycled water to more customers than ever before, as well as finding new ways to make water efficient homes like at our Aquarevo estate where homes reduce their reliance on drinking water by up to 70 per cent.

    We’re also using desalinated water, with an extra 125 billion litres set to complement our storages in 2020-21. Without this order, our storages would be around 11 per cent lower. We also work 24/7 to maintain and upgrade the water supply network and repair leaks.

    Is your household meeting Target 155?

    Number of people in household one person two people one person one person one person
    Maximum average household water usage if meeting 155 litres 155 310 465 620 775

    Is Melbourne meeting Target 155?

Melbourne's daily average water use per person last week