Smart water use

South East Water is partnering with Smart Approved WaterMark to deliver a range of water efficiency information and tools to help our customers reduce their water consumption and achieve Target 155.

One of the great features on offer is a plant finding tool that helps you design your garden based on look, drought tolerance, maintenance level, flowering seasons and plant size.

Smart Approved WaterMark is an international water efficiency scheme that certifies products and services that save water. Certified products include:

  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Low-flow hoses/nozzles
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Pool technologies
  • Soil moisture and rain sensors
  • Mulches and soil wetting agents
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Greywater and treatment systems
  • Car wash technologies
  • Commercial catering equipment

To see the full list of products and for more water efficiency ideas visit
Smart Approved WaterMark.