Minor trade waste 

If you discharge trade waste to South East Water’s sewer but that wastewater is only small quantities and of a similar nature to domestic sewage, it may be defined as minor trade waste.

Minor trade waste customers are permitted to discharge to the sewer without negotiating a consent, subject to the customer installing specific standards of pre-treatment and other requirements where required.

Examples of minor trade waste customers include:

  • food businesses classified under the Food Act 1984 as ‘Class 4’ such as newsagents, pharmacies and video stores that sell shelf stable pre-packaged confectionery; farmers markets and greengrocers that sell uncut fruit and vegetables; and premises offering wine tastings
  • bottle shops
  • hairdresser/beautician
  • pharmacy with a dispensing sink only.

If you believe you are in this category phone the South East Water Trade Waste team on 03 9552 3662.

Trade waste charges do not apply to minor trade waste customers.

Minor trade waste customer listing schedule(120Kb)