Apply for a commercial trade waste consent

Commercial trade waste contains large amounts of food, fat, oil and grease (FFOG),  which can solidify in sewers and cause blockages. If your business discharges commercial trade waste, then you will need a trade waste consent.

It is an offence to discharge commercial waste without a trade waste consent. South East Water conducts a monitoring program to identify offenders. Severe penalties apply, including fines and possible criminal prosecution for breaches.

New Food and Oil Interceptor (FOI) Sizing Criteria effective 1 August 2017

The criteria used to determine the size of Food and Oil Interceptors (FOI’s) i.e. grease traps, has been updated. The new sizing criteria brings Yarra Valley Water, City West Water, and South East Water into alignment.

What do you need to do?

Commercial trade waste discharge is only permitted after a written application has been received by South East Water and the trade waste is assessed as acceptable.

For the waste to be acceptable it must first be pre-treated in a food and oil interceptor of a sufficient size for the volume of waste water generated by your business activities.

In the trade waste application form you must supply us with information about:

  • the nature of your business
  • the number of kitchen fixtures that generate wastewater (such as sinks and dishwashers)
  • the council registered seating capacity.

We will use this information to establish the correct size food and oil interceptor for your business. Council approval may also be required for all internal food and oil interceptor installations.

You can obtain a copy of the food and oil interceptor sizing criteria by phoning the South East Water Trade Waste team on 9552 3662 or from this website.

How to apply for a commercial trade waste agreement:

Apply for a trade waste consent (pdf, 178Kb)

Applications are also available from the Customer Support team. Visit us at our head office: WatersEdge, 101 Wells Street, Frankston VIC 3199.

Make sure you view our list of food and oil interceptor transporters (pdf, 46Kb).

For more information phone the Trade Waste team on 9552 3662.