Account details

Account number

This is your account identification number. Please quote this number if you need to discuss your account with us. This will help our customer contact team to deliver you a speedy service.

Due date

Your account should be paid on or before this date. Customers currently have 14 days to pay their account.


This is the amount that you must pay by the due date. The total includes the current account charges, less the concession entitlement if applicable (for pensioners registered with South East Water), plus any previous outstanding amounts.

Concessional amount

Concessions only apply to residential customers at their principal place of residence. To be eligible a customer must have either a Pensioner Concession card or Health Care Card issued by Centrelink, or a Pensioner Concession Cards or Gold Card issued by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (excluding dependants) for the period to be claimed.

If you only hold either a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or a Victorian Seniors Card you are not eligible. To receive your concession, your concession card details must be registered with us. Contact us on 131 851.


This is the property for which the account has been issued against.

Issue date

This is the day your account was generated.

Last account

This is the amount billed on your previous account.

Balance brought forward

This is any balance remaining from previous accounts.

Current charges

This is the total of all charges on your account for the period. It includes usage, service, other authorities and other charges. Details of all these charges are on the second page of your account.

Next meter reading

This is the approximate date of your next meter reading.

Usage charges

Water usage (business customers)

Recorded by your water meter, this charge covers the amount of water used at your property. This charge is billed per kilolitre (kl) of water you use.

Sewage disposal

This cost covers the safe collection, treatment and disposal of sewage. Sewage is wastewater from areas of your property like the toilet, kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Service charges

Your water and sewerage service charges are fixed charges for access to our water supply and sewerage systems. They also help us maintain, renew and expand these systems so we can continue to provide you with high quality drinking water and safe sewerage removal now and into the future.

Other authorities' charges

Waterways & drainage charge

Collected on behalf of Melbourne Water, this quarterly charge helps protect and improve the health of our rivers and creeks. It also assists with drainage management, flood protection and flood warning systems.

Annual parks charge

Collected annually on behalf of Park’s Victoria, this charge helps develop and manage Melbourne’s parks, trails, zoos and public facilities as well as our Royal Botanic Gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance. For more information visit or call Parks Victoria on 131 963.

Miscellaneous charges

Trade waste application charge

This one-off fee covers the initial costs of processing your Trade Waste Application.

Trade waste agreement charge

This annual charge covers the cost of transporting, monitoring, treating and administering the trade waste generated on your premises. The level of this charge is based on the maximum annual volume specified in your Trade Waste Agreement.

Food waste charges

Food Waste charges apply for the discharge of food waste to the sewer through a food waste disposal unit, or a potato peeler without a peel interceptor.

Recycled water usage charge

If your property is supplied with drinking water and recycled water, tour recycled water usage is recorded through your purple meter and is billed per kilolitre (kl) used.

Recycled water charge – other

As recycled water is not currently available in your area, drinking water is being supplied through your recycled water pipes.

Backlog sewerage charge

This charge contributes to the Backlog Sewerage Program in your area. This program helps reduce environmental impacts and risks to public health by connecting properties to piped sewerage and treatment systems.

Fire service charge

To help protect your property in the event of a fire, this charge covers the provision and availability of a dedicated water supply to fire hoses and sprinkler systems on your property.

Payment options

You can pay your account using several different options, including:

  • Online credit card payment
  • Credit card payment by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For amounts up to $5,000 call 1300 659 658 and have your MasterCard, and/or Visa card ready.
  • Direct debit from your bank account. Call 131 851 to arrange this.
  • BPAY or BPAY View. Simply use your online banking facility to make a payment using the BPAY biller code and reference number located on page 2 of your account.
  • Cheque payment by mail to South East Water, PO Box 2268, Seaford VIC 3198.
  • Centrepay. Call Centrelink or South East Water on 131 851 to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.
  • Postbillpay. Pay in person at any post office (cash or cheque only), phone 131 816 or visit and use your Billpay code and reference number located on page 2 of your account.

Your average daily water use

This graph tells you your average daily water usage, compared to usage recorded for previous quarters and for the same period last year. It also shows a breakdown of the different step tariff charges you were billed for in the last quarter.

Average daily water usage is calculated by dividing your total consumption in the quarter by the number of days in the meter reading period.