Permanent Water Use Rules

Permanent Water Use Rules have been in place in Melbourne since December 2012. These rules provide Melburnians with greater flexibility in areas like garden watering, while curbing water waste - like hosing down hard surfaces when a broom will do the job. It’s all about sensible water use. With ongoing pressures such as population growth and climate change there is a continuing need to use water wisely. As such, Target 155 was reintroduced in March 2016.

For businesses, there are a number of ways to adopt water efficient and cost saving practices. Some things to consider include benchmarking your water usage compared to others in your industry, consulting best practice guidelines or using an investment calculator to manage costs. Have a look at some of the ways to identify savings in your business:


Benchmarking ​Benchmark water usage by industry type
Best practice guidelines ​Best practice irrigation in open spaces (councils, schools, elite sporting venues, etc.)
​Cooling tower efficiency ​Water efficient cooling tower practices

With Melbourne’s population set to almost double by 2050, this will mean greater pressure on our water supplies. By using water wisely we continue to play an important role in securing Victoria’s water supply in the future.