Book a tapping

Plumbing and development applications, online 24/7. To book a tapping login to PropertyConnect. 

Review water metering and servicing

Access online property tools

For servicing new developments and metering arrangements. Access our online property tools, such as SWIFT.

Locate water and sewer assets

Work near assets and easements

Need to request a property sewerage plan? Apply for general information on the location of the sewer internal plumbing assets on a property befor you commence work. Before conducting works or building near water, sewer mains or easements in South East Water's service region, you need to review the customer buildover guide.

Connect commercial property and units

Apply for a single residential connection

You can apply for the connection of industrial and commercial property as well as units and private water to South East Water’s water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water asset(s), when internal plumbing is required. All new and/or existing single residential dwellings are required to obtain South East Water’s approval (consent to connect) prior to any alteration or new connection(s) to the water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water network.

Check sewer servicing guidelines

The sewer servicing guidelines help you to understand requirements in relation to sewer developments, boundary traps, updating sewer plans and much more.
We provide preliminary servicing advice about providing water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water assets to a subdivision, development and/or individual property.

Apply for and compile agreements

Apply for check and remote meters

For any development of land you need to obtain our approval.
Complete an application for a check meter or remote meter.

Install recycled water connections

Familiarise yourself with backflow prevention

These guidelines outline the plumbing requirements for
connecting homes to Class A recycled water or where rainwater is used in conjunction with recylced water.
Qualified in backflow prevention? Use and return these inspection and maintenance forms and familiarise yourself with the backflow prevention and containment policy.

Authorised contractors for specialised services

Asset responsibility

Find out who can undertake works on South East Water assets and apply for accreditation. Find out who is responsible for arranging and paying for maintenance and repairs of property service pipes.