Water and sewer standards

Design and construction standards and products

South East Water's standards pertain to the design and construction of sewer and water assets, as well as information on approved sewer and water strategic products, authorised contractors and technical specifications.

MRWA web portal

The MRWA web portal now hosts a suite of technical documents and product information utilised by the three Melbourne Retail Water Agencies. The following information can now be found on the MRWA Web Portal:

  • Water agency approved products
  • Water industry standards
  • MRWA supplement manuals
  • MRWA technical specifications
  • MRWA standard drawings

South East Water supplementary manuals

pdfWSA 04-2001 Sewage pumping station code - SEW supplementary manual (17.9Mb)
South East Water supplementary to WSAA code WSA 04-2001 Sewage Pumping station (including pressure mains).

WSA 07-2007 Pressure sewerage code - SEW supplementary manual
This document has been superseded by the MRWA WSAA Pressure Sewerage Supplement released in October 2012. The updated supplement and suite of standard drawings are available from the Standards page of the MRWA web portal at www.mrwa.com.au.

Addendums to WSAA codes and MRWA supplementary manuals

The following South East Water technical addendums apply to the Design and Construction of Infrastructure assets. These addendums will be incorporated where possible into future editions of the WSAA Codes and MRWA Supplementary manuals, in co-operation with other Water Industry stakeholders.

pdfTA SEW-01 Maintenance hole structures technical addendum revision C (1.1Mb)

pdfTA SEW-02 ​Pipeline witness marks technical addendum (329Kb)

pdfTA SEW-04 Retaining walls technical addendum (974Kb)

Search for approved products

All approved products can now be found in one handy location through the MRWA web portal.

The portal can be used to search for water supply and sewerage network products, to view approval conditions and limitations of use, and to access technical information about the products.

Approved products

pdfApplication form for product authorisation within South East Water’s service area (201Kb)

This application form enables suppliers and manufacturers to apply to have their products appraised for product authorisation within South East Water’s service area. In most cases, product authorisation will only be considered if the product has been appraised and recommended by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA).

Works near our assets (other Authority works)

The following information is provided as reference for standard conditions for construction works near South East Water’s water supply and sewerage assets.

pdfProtection of our sewerage assets (35Kb)

pdfProtection of our water supply assets (55Kb)

Authorised contractors for specialised services

pdfAuthorised contractors for working on water mains (48Kb)

Authorised contractors for live sewer and sewer extensions (50Kb)

pdfAuthorised protective coating contractors (291Kb)

SWIFT audit checklists

pdfWater design audit questions (125Kb)

pdfSewer design audit questions (132Kb)

pdfWater construction audit checklist (abridged) (52Kb)

pdfSewer construction audit checklist (abridged) (36Kb)

pdfCivil works construction audit checklist (abridged) (23Kb)

To recommend changes to any documents in the above categories, obtain a copy of a superseded specification, or to submit a product for South East Water approval, email the Standards & Products specialist at standardsissues@sew.com.au.