Prices and charges

New customer contributions may be levied by:
  • applying an approved scheduled charge (see table below); or
  • seeking a charge in addition to the approved scheduled charge (Incremental Financing Cost).

These charges are applied for any new property (separately titled or is, or can be, individually metered) connecting to the existing water, sewerage or recycled water network.

For new developments or subdivisions, a separate charge can be applied to each service that is provided to each newly created lot. Where an existing lot has not previously received a prescribed service, a scheduled charge can be applied to that lot in relation to each new prescribed service. 

 New customer contributions 2020–21
Cardinia area
Water per lot $1,610.03
Sewer per lot $1,152.33
Recycled water per lot $1,790.65
Casey area
Water per lot $1,142.92
Sewer per lot $729.43
Recycled Water per lot $1,646.97
Other areas
Water per lot $729.43
Sewer per lot $729.43
Recycled water per lot $729.43

  1. Lots less than 300m2 in size will be charged the other areas applicable new customer contribution
  2. In recognition of the amount of capacity required to service each connection where a new non-residential lot is created with a 50mm water connection or greater, the new customer contributions (water, sewer and recycled water) payable will be the multiple of the application new customer contribution and the number of equivalent 20mm connections.

Incremental financing costs Incremental financing costs (IFC) is calculated using the formula below:

IFC = (1 – [1/ (1+r)n]) x cost of capital being provided sooner than planned
r = estimated pre-tax WACC (ie: 4.13%)
n = the number of years the asset is required sooner than planned.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​