Install recycled water connections

Class A recycled water offers new residential developments across Melbourne’s outer south east a sustainable water source.

We've outlined South East Water’s requirements for installing recycled water in our Connecting to recycled water guide (pdf, 694Kb). It supports the industry requirements outlined in the Australian Standard for Water Services AS/NZS 3500.1: 2003 and the Plumbing Industry Commission’s Recycled Water Plumbing Guide. We recommend that you also refer to our Conditions of connection (pdf, 114Kb) for properties with Class A recycled water, potable water and sewerage services.

From 1 January 2015 Class A recycled water can be used for residential laundry washing machines. Conditions of Connection issued for new homes in mandated Class A recycled water areas will include a requirement for plumbers to install a recycled water washing machine stop tap in the laundry. This is in addition to the hot and cold drinking water taps normally installed. For more information read the brochure Requirements for Class A recycled water for use with washing machines (pdf, 920Kb)

Plumbing recycled water and rainwater

These Guidelines for recycled water and rainwater in medium to high density developments (pdf, 1.33Mb) provide references and instructions to assist practitioners where recycled water and rainwater are plumbed to indoor and outdoor appliances, through common infrastructure for suitable non-drinking purposes.