Know what to do when renovating

Designing, planning or building a renovation? Extending your house? Planning for a swimming pool? Landscaping? Don’t do it before you locate the sewers and water assets.

You need to know the size, depth and offset so you don’t damage South East Water’sewer assets. There are some particular structures and buildings which require approval from us.

By downloading asset information and applying for a property sewerage plan, we can help you maximise the use of your land while adhering to best practice procedures.

What you need to do

Read the customer buildover guide

Before conducting works or building near water and sewer assets you need to review the customer buildover guide (pdf, 3.2Mb), which is also known as the 'guidelines for proposed works over/adjacent to Water Authority assets up to and including 225mm diameter'. This guide includes explanations and diagrams useful for renovators, builders or plumbers.

Locate the water, sewerage and recycled water assets

Apply online through Property Connect.

Obtain approval to build over easements or within one metre of a South East Water pipe

If you intend to build over an easement or within one metre of a water supply, sewerage or recycled water asset, you are required to obtain South East Water’s approval.

You can lodge your Buildover request through Property Connect.