Lien charges

As of 1 July 2013, lien charging applies for all South East Water charges incurred by a property owner. This includes charges incurred for:

  • water usage
  • water service
  • trade waste
  • sewage disposal
  • sewerage service.

In addition, any outstanding amounts owing on any of these charges prior to 1 July 2013 have now transitioned to lien.

Other authorities’ charges, including the Waterways and Drainage Charge and Parks Charge, continue to be lien.

It is important to note that when lien debt is incurred against a property, this debt remains with the property upon a change in ownership. This means that upon settlement of a property, any unpaid charges will become the responsibility of the purchaser. This is provided for under section 274(4A) of the Water Act 1989.

Change to processing for property settlements

Settlements processed from 1 July 2013 are subject to the changes described above.

Impact on information statements and special meter reads

Information statements now include historical usage data to assist you to calculate charges incurred for the period from the last meter read to the settlement date. As a result you are no longer required to apply for a special meter read upon the sale of your property.