Manage Developer Works (replaces SWIFT)

Obtain preliminary servicing advice

Complete a range of auditing, project management and data processing activities for your land development works.
We provide preliminary servicing advice about providing water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water assets.

Access Asset Web Map (GIS system) 

Access land development policy 

​Access live asset information online, enabling you to easily view water and sewer assets. ​These documents are relevant for developers, engineering consultants, contractors and surveyors.

Apply for and compile agreements 

If you are planning land development you are required to obtain our approval.
Use South East Water’s verification forms for all our development deed projects.

Apply for pressure and flow information


​South East Water can provide pressure and flow information for your fire service designs. This is our property and development applications and bookings hub where you can submit online, 24/7.

Learn more about our fire sprinkler program

Access water and sewer standards

​Our fire sprinkler program help properties to save 36 million litres of water per year! Discover if our program can help your property to save water. Standards for the design and construction of sewer and water assets, and information on approved strategic products, authorised contractors and technical specifications.