Our Five-year Customer Commitment

More services you value for the next five years

We’re proud to be supporting you with reliable services and stable pricing for the next five years.

Our prices and services for 2018-23 have been approved by our regulator, the Essential Services Commission, and they have been shaped by our customers' feedback. Learn more about how we determine the price of water and sewer services.

You can expect:

Lower prices

We're reducing water, sewerage and recycled water prices from 1 July 2018.

For residential customers, this includes lower prices for the water you use and reductions in service charges for water and sewerage.

If you’re a business customer, you’ll benefit from lower prices, too – including reduced usage and service charges, with a 3.67% annual reduction on the average bill. If you have a trade waste agreement, your prices will remain stable.

You'll see these benefits in your next bill and across the coming year with most bills decreasing.

Simpler charges

We’ve also made our bills easier to understand and fairer for everyone.

  • There used to be three bands of water pricing, with charges increasing the more water you use. We’ve simplified this to two bands.
  • We’ve removed the recycled water service charge for properties connected to purple pipes.
Services you value

Our commitments from 1 July and for the next five years are based on five areas our customers told us they value the most from our services:

Get the basics right, always

We’re planning upgrades to 35% more water mains to increase reliability and performance. We’re also preparing for population growth, by constructing water and sewerage pipes in some of Melbourne’s fastest growing regions like Clyde and Officer, to connect new customers to our essential services.

Warn me, inform you

So we can provide you with timely and relevant information, we’re increasing the number of proactive warnings we send on planned and unplanned works, and reducing interruptions to your supply during peak times. Ensure you update your details here on mySouthEastWater so you can receive outage warnings.

Fair and affordable for all

Along with reduced prices and simpler charges, we’re providing increased support and more flexible payment options to help manage your bill.

We’ll also provide more online services to give you greater choice and control over your account.

Need help?

No matter your circumstances, we can tailor a solution that helps support your individual needs. This could include:

  • help accessing financial assistance
  • establishing a payment plan
  • receiving more time to pay
  • receiving a concession or a free audit of your plumbing

or any of our other support options.

Support my community, protect our environment

We’ll continue to develop alternative water solutions to reduce reliance on drinking water. One way we’ll deliver this is at Fisherman’s Bend, where we’ll use stormwater, recycled water and rainwater to help the 160,000 people who will live and work in the area reduce drinking water use by 45%.

We’ll also increase use of recycled water by residential customers by 30% in designated recycled water areas, and minimise sewage spills with enhanced monitoring. In addition, we’re on a path to reduce our carbon emissions by 45% by 2025 by investing in solar panels and increased battery storage.

Make my experience better

By listening and better understanding your needs, it’s our goal to resolve your query the first time you contact us and improve the way we respond when you’re not happy with the service we provide. We’ll also raise more awareness about our services and how we can help when you need us.