Our promises to you

Quality water

To provide drinking water that meets Victoria's strict health standards and is free from unpleasant tastes or odours.

Flow rate

We will provide a minimum water pressure, or flow rate, as defined in our service standards. For a standard house that is 20 litres per minute.

Fix burst water mains

We will attend the site of a burst water main that could cause moderate or substantial damage to property or the environment.

Water reliability

A continuous water supply that is not interrupted more than five times a year due to unplanned events.

Sewerage reliability

A sewerage service that is not interrupted more than three times per year.

Fix service interruptions

If there is an interruption, we aim to restore water service within five hours, and sewerage service within four hours.

Guaranteed service levels

We are so committed to good service, we will pay you a fee if we don't deliver to our high standards. Find out more about our Service Guarantee.

Want to know more?

For further information please contact us on 131 851.