Service level guarantees

Looking after more than 25,700 kilometres of pipeline is a big job.

To keep them in top shape, we sometimes have to turn them off for a short time to do some essential maintenance. These are planned interruptions, and we’ll let you know about them in writing at least two days before.

If we’re responsible for an interruption and take longer than promised, you’ll get an automatic rebate (basically a price reduction) in your next bill.

You’re entitled to a rebate if:


  • We take longer than five hours to restore your water supply.
  • You experience more than five unplanned interruptions to your water supply in any 12 month period.


  • You experience more than three sewerage interruptions in any 12 month period.
  • We take longer than four hours to restore service to your home.*
  • We take longer than one hour to contain a sewer spill within your premises or longer than five hours to contain a spill on your property.^

We also have a responsibility to support residential customers experiencing financial difficulties. If you're having trouble paying your bill, and we restrict your water supply or undertake debt recovery action without following the proper process, you're entitled to a rebate.

For further information read service level guarantees or contact us on 131 851.

*This doesn’t apply to sewerage interruptions in your internal pipe work.

^This applies if the spill is cause by a failure in our sewer or system. It doesn’t apply if the spill is caused by a blockage in the property connection branch due to the actions of the occupier or a failure of the overflow relief gully.​​