Customer engagement

We welcome ideas, input and feedback from everyone on the services we provide and works we do. Making informed decisions is important to us. To do this though we need to strengthen and build a better understanding of your needs and views as a customer, community member or stakeholder.

How we engage with you

There’s many ways we get feedback and can keep you updated on what we’re up to, including:

  • engaging with you on projects, programs and upgrades close to your home, rental property or business

  • asking you about your experience with us via follow-up surveys

  • sending you an SMS, email or letter when you might be affected by our emergency works or repairs

  • providing you with information on water efficiency, education programs and the range of services we provide.

  • working with our independent Customer and Community Advisory Council
    omers on projects, programs and infrastructure upgrades, particularly those customers with projects in their location.

Customer and Community Advisory Council

Our Customer and Community Advisory Council is our ‘critical friend’, providing us with valuable feedback and challenging us in all areas of what we do.

The Council meets four times a year and has industry and community members representing our diverse customer base and community. Industries and fields include agriculture, behaviour change, customer advocacy, environment, local government, multicultural affairs, plumbing and building technology and youth.

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