Prices and charges

The prices we all pay on our bills contribute towards the 24/7 operation and ongoing growth and maintenance of our high quality water and sewerage network. Explore our interactive guide which explains more about the charges on your bill.

Prices in 2016-17

The table below shows an overview of our 2016-17 residential water and sewerage prices.

Residential charges
Water Service Charge per quarter $30.20
Water Usage Charge
Tier 1 for the first 440 litres of water used per day $2.6097 per kilolitre
Tier 2 for water usage above 440 and up to 880 litres per day $3.1693 per kilolitre
Tier 3 for water usage above 880 litres per day $3.7812 per kilolitre
Sewerage Service Charge per annum
per quarter
Sewage Disposal Charge   $1.8413 per kilolitre
Class A Recycled Water Service Charge per quarter ​$5.88
​Class A Recycled Water Usage Charge   ​$2.2687 per kilolitre

Government Water Rebate

On the first residential bill each financial year between 2014 and 2017, customers who receive water usage charges will receive a $100 Government Water Rebate.

Interest on unpaid amounts

Bill amounts not paid in full may accrue interest daily from the bill's due date at the current interest rate. Until 30 June 2017, the interest rate is 6.1 per cent per year. Exemptions may apply to customers making payments in line with an agreed payment plan or with an eligible concession card.

We can help you to set up a payment plan to ensure you never miss a bill payment, which means you can avoid incurring interest on your bill.

Interest is charged on unpaid amounts to encourage customers to pay on time. This means we can direct our resources away from debit recovery and focus on what really matters - providing the best water and sewerage services. This is another way we're working smarter and implementing productivity improvements so we can deliver the best customer experience.

What is the Parks Charge?

The Parks Charge is part of what makes Melbourne's iconic destinations ideal for visitors and our city a great place to live. It helps look after the zoos, gardens, parks and trails we all enjoy. It is an annual charge that will appear on your July, August or September bill. In 2016, the charge is 74.37.

South East Water collects this charge on behalf of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Refer to the support page for more information on the Parks Charge. For information on Melbourne's parks, visit the Parks Victoria website.

What is the Waterways and Drainage Charge?

The Waterways and Drainage Charge helps protect and improve the health of our waterways. It also protects us from floods. South East Water collects this charge on behalf of Melbourne Water. In 2016–17, the quarterly charge for most residents is $24.20.

For more information about this charge, including information relating to properties falling within the new urban growth boundary and previously exempt farms, visit the Melbourne Water website or contact Melbourne Water on 1800 034 505.