Desalinated water

What is desalinated water?

Desalinated water is drinking water that is produced from sea water. In Melbourne, our desalinated water is produced at the Victorian Desalination Plant in Wonthaggi.

Like all drinking water, desalination water meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, Victorian Safe Drinking Water Act and the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Water from the Victorian Desalination Plant is some of the best in the world to complement the high quality of water that Melburnians enjoy. More information is available through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

When will we receive desalinated water?

In March 2016, the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water lodged an order for 50 gigalitres (billion litres) of water from the Victorian Desalination Plant.

This was based on a recommendation from Melbourne’s four metropolitan water utilities, including South East Water, aimed at securing our water supply into the future.

The Government expects the order to be delivered by June 30, 2017, in keeping with its contract with the Government.

What will desalinated water taste like and look like?

Desalinated water will be mixed with existing water storages and undergo the same treatment process - so there’ll be no difference to the taste or appearance of water that comes out of your tap.

Will my water bill go up?

A 50 gigalitre order equates to an extra annual cost of about $12 a year on a typical residential bill for customers of City West Water, South East Water, Western Water and Yarra Valley Water.