Digital utility program

Creating an intelligent water network for the future

We pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators of new technology to identify cost savings and network efficiencies for our customers and our business.

We believe digital and emerging technologies have a critical role to play in enabling us to provide the highest quality water and sewerage services, as efficiently as possible.

This is why we are undertaking our digital utility program and investigating the use of technologies in our services to better connect our network and assets, and to provide real-time information to transform our business and customer services.

In Frankston East, we are currently testing the benefits and value that can be gained for the broader water network. We’re doing this through taking regular readings of network flows received through data transmissions, made possible with the use of digital metering technology. Benefits from the program include the potential to improve network efficiency by accounting for water loss, and to better detect service failures and repair them before our customers even know about them.

In recent years we have conducted a number of trials with customers, including in Belgrave South and Seaford. These showed significant water savings can be achieved through detecting leaks with battery-operated digital water meter technology. In Seaford, close to 10 per cent of the water supplied to properties participating in the trials was lost in unidentified leaks.