Create a waterwise garden

There are several things that you can do to keep your garden alive and save water. Here are a few key things to consider.

Select plants carefully

There are many beautiful plants and flowers that are well suited to hot climates including some Australian native plants, as well as some plants from Mediterranean, South Africa and Central America. Speak to your local nursery or garden centre specialist about the types of plants and flowers best suited for your garden.

Group together plants with similar watering requirements

Think carefully about how your garden is designed and try to group plants and flowers with similar water needs together.

Use organic fertiliser and compost

By improving the organic matter of your soil you will help it to retain water more efficiently, improve plant growth and promote healthier plants.

Use water saving crystals and mulch

Use water saving crystals and mulch to retain water in the soil and reduce evaporation.

Water saving crystals absorb water and provide moisture around the plant roots while a good layer of mulch can reduce evaporation from the soil surface by as much as 70%.

Irrigate efficiently

Dripper watering systems are the most efficient way to water your garden and are a requirement under current water restrictions.

Drip irrigation provides water to plants where they need it most – at the roots.