Access the statement of approved acceptance criteria

This section describes the trade waste limits you need to know to discharge trade waste to the sewerage system.

The nature and levels of the characteristics of trade waste discharged must at all times comply with the standards set out in this schedule.

For a full list of accepted criteria download the following document:

Statement of approved acceptance criteria (45Kb)


Proposed changes to acceptance criteria for trade waste parameters

In conjunction with Melbourne Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water, we are proposing improvements to the way we determine the acceptance criteria for 21 trade waste parameters with associated Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) implications. 
Our proposed new method considers personal exposure limits against known exposure standards, and the new acceptance criteria are outlined in this document (pdf, 85Kb). These are actually higher than the existing limits, outlined in Part 3 – Acceptance Criteria ­– of existing trade waste agreements or consent.
Most trade waste customers won’t be affected by the changes, and we will be working closely with those customers whose trade waste may be affected by the change.
Before 21 February 2017, we invite trade waste customers to provide their feedback on the proposed changes. You can do so through this survey, or by contacting our team on 9552 3662 or emailing