Access the statement of approved acceptance criteria

This section describes the trade waste limits you need to know to discharge trade waste to the sewerage system.

The nature and levels of the characteristics of trade waste discharged must at all times comply with the standards set out in this schedule.

For a full list of accepted criteria download the following document:

Statement of approved acceptance criteria (45Kb)

Planned changes to acceptance criteria

We are improving the way we manage trade waste. Our planned changes involve replacing a total dissolved solids (TDS) limit with a sodium concentration and load limit.

Affected customers will receive a letter that explains the changes – aimed at reducing salinity in our sewerage system – and what it means for them. Customers are also encouraged to provide their feedback on the changes through this survey until 2 May 2017.

The majority of our trade waste customers won’t be affected by the changes. However, for those whose businesses are affected, we will be contacting them to arrange a time to meet and discuss the changes. It is anticipated that the new Acceptance Criteria will be applicable by October 2017, subject to approval from our independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission.

More information is available in these Q&As, or available through our trade waste team on 9552 3662 or