National benchmark efficiency website

South East Water has a new tool to help your business improve productivity - National Business Water Efficiency Benchmarking website.

Water Compare will help you understand your own business water use benchmark and allow you to compare your performance against national industry sector benchmarks. All businesses, no matter how big or small can benefit from benchmarking.

South East Water has partnered with water authorities from around Australia to develop an online tool that will provide business customers with sector specific water use benchmarking information.

Calculate your own benchmark

Evaluate your own water use and compare across other similar companies in your business sector.

It's free and simple to use. Customers just need to enter their ANZSIC code and their annual water usage, and then they will be able to compare their water use with other similar businesses from around Australia.


Fact sheets

Water Compare also provides fact sheets that include the national benchmark for specific sectors. Over 40 different fact sheets have been developed to date. Fact sheets included are; schools, hospitals, gold courses, hotels, correction centres, shopping centres, office building, aged care centres and more.  ​​