Our five year customer commitment

Lower water and sewerage prices from 1 July

We’re proud to be supporting you with reliable services and stable pricing for the next five years. Our prices and services for 2018-23 have now been approved by our regulator, the Essential Services Commission.

From 1 July 2018, you can expect:

Lower prices

  • a $70 (approx.) reduction on the average annual bill*
  • a 50% reduction in the sewage disposal charge
  • recycled water usage charge now 20% less than the water usage charge
  • less cost per kilolitre for water you use
  • a 5% reduction on water and sewerage service charges

Business customers will also benefit from lower prices.

Simpler charges

To make bills easier to understand and fairer for everyone, we’ve:

  • simplified the water usage charge from three steps to two, and
  • removed the recycled water service charge altogether
Delivering services you value

We’re committed to delivering against the five areas customers told us they value the most from our services:

  • Get the basics right, always
  • Make my experience better
  • Warn and inform me
  • Fair and affordable for all
  • Support my community, protect our environment

*Average annual bill is based on a residential owner occupier using 150kL per year.