Customer engagement

We regularly engage with our customers, community and stakeholders about the services we provide and works we undertake: This includes:

    • informing and consulting customers on projects, programs and infrastructure upgrades, particularly those customers with projects in their location
    • involving residents and businesses by providing opportunities for their input and feedback
    • providing information to customers in relation to water efficiency and education programs and the range of services South East Water offers to its customers. This includes hosting tours of our Mt Martha water recycling plant
    • informing customers where they may be affected by emergency maintenance or repairs to our assets.

We also convene a bi-monthly forum of our Customer Engagement Council, whose members help us ensure our customer engagement processes are as robust and extensive as possible, and ensure we better reflect customer needs and expectations in the decisions we make about the services we provide. 

The independent panel of multicultural, policy development, regulatory and customer advocacy experts was established in 2016, and its current members represent:
·         Consumer Policy Research Centre
·         Australian Industry Group
·         Monash University
·         Consumer Action Law Centre
·         Urban Development Institute of Australia
·         Victorian Multicultural Commission